“Bye Tim, I’m With Bill Now.”

I moved from Mac to PC.

I moved from Mac to PC. It’s been over a decade since I left my Vista-turned-XP HP computer to collect dust. Since then, I have owned two Macbook Pros, an entry level one and another fully spec’d. And both have proven to be very reliable and lasted way longer (and powered through way more renders) than I could have imagined. I put those laptops to WORK and for years they’ve been my trusty slaves. I had a good long run with my Macs but as I stared at the spinning color wheel of death one night, I knew—- it was time for an upgrade.

There is that thing we call “age”. One definition is a number that refers to how old something/someone is. The other, refers to a particular period in time, and in this case, the Age of Good Macs has passed. I have fallen back into the hands of Bill Gates. And as I gaze into this brand new Windows [PC], dreams of better render times and seamless scrubbing are now at my fingertips. See how I built my latest workstation… and you know the drill – like, subscribe, and help me kick-off this YouTube thing.