Oh Man! The Lore! Yawn…

The Mandalorian premieres today on Disney+, and like any other thing from the Star Wars franchise, people are staying up late, and already have a solid opinion of what they think of the new show. I for one give it a solid 8.7/10 – react however you want, I love the Prequels. Let’s talk about the hype, what’s kept from the original movies, and if it bored me.

—SPOILER ALERT for anything past this line—

That being said, The Mandalorian feels like everything else that Disney-StarWars has now with the franchise. It all feels, different. Different is good, but at the same time, ever since the acquisition from Disney, I always felt that it’s missing the George Lucas touch. Sure the big guy is on set for the show – he was also on set of Game of Thrones – but that doesn’t help. Disney is taking StarWars to the next far far away galaxy, and we are just going along for the ride.

One thing that feels far, far away from the original franchise is the lack of any force-user. It’s a bit weird watching something StarWars without anybody mentioning Jedi or Sith. The “Empire” was mentioned quite a few times, but that’s about as much as we get with those force-users. I feel like that is just a matter of time before we see force-using characters though. It’s just inevitable.

The dialogue is a bit strange for me as well. I get it that there’s multiple alien languages, and even humans speaking these languages. What I didn’t like about it is how some aliens just sound like some normal English-speaking dude. No treatment, no effects, just a normal clean voice-over. I mean, if the guy looks like a fish, can we at least get some kind of treatment with the voice?

This character with a gun riding this animal – whose name I do not care to Google – is one of the culprits too. I swear he sounds like Deckard Cain from the Diablo games. One of the weirdest scenes the show has to offer is this Mandalorian fanboy – but let’s give him credit for teaching our hero how to ride that creature. I wouldn’t mind not seeing this dude again. Plus his lips weren’t that well-synced to the voiceover. I do appreciate the fact that his mask and costume and his character I suppose, are all practical effects.

On the other-hand, I love how Taika Waititi’s IG-11 comes into the show. If you watched the original trilogy, you may have seen a similar droid model, and you probably had the idea of “how can this static, awkward robot do any bounty hunting?” This show answers just that misconception, and I have to tell you it’s one of the best ways you can see a droid fight. I love R2 and 3PO for sure, but you can’t deny there’s a lot of appeal from fighting droids like K2SO and IG-11. If you’re getting a sidekick, it shouldn’t be a protocol or a trash-can – that’s just common sense.

A lot of people got excited with Werner Herzog being in the show. Though I did not know about this dude at all, his scene was one of my favorites from the pilot.

I like his scene in particular not because of him, but because we got to see some nice dialogue and script. Pedro Pascal’s voice (treated btw, so thanks) just works. A little attitude, a bit of confidence, throw in a little doubt – you can feel it even through a mask. Another thing that made this scene awesome are the Stormtroopers. I believe these troopers are from the 501st and I just have to say that they are pros. The costumes, the wear and tear on them, how they stand, its all just too cool. They’re a good reminder that this is an action world, where blasters are involved and powerful leaders call the shots. We’ve only scratched the surface, and these troopers have gone through a lot.

The Mandalorian pilot, love it or not, is a great milestone in the world that is StarWars. I sincerely hope it gets better from here. Having watched The Clone Wars, I wish they give as much time to explaining the backstory of our main character, and his home and his people. There was a flashback scene in the pilot, though we’re not yet sure if they will expound on that or leave all of it as secondary info. I am also excited for the possibility of seeing a darksaber – having that plus a lightsaber battle for this show would be insane and not really that far from happening. No need for Jedis too!

Though there are other StarWars shows (like Clone Wars and Rebels), this one (live-action) is proving to be the more popular approach in moving forward with the franchise. With more shows in the pipeline, I can only see it getting better from this point. Hopefully when Obi-Wan starts going into production, showrunners would already know what to do, fans would’ve already voiced their opinion, and we’ll have an even better show.

May the Force be with us all! No regrets about that Disney+ subscription so far!