Well, that’s NFT!

I am getting into the NFT game!

The first couple of items are both existing artworks that I posted on Instagram. I would be minting my entire Face-collection as I earn more Ethereum. If you’re not aware of Ethereum yet, think of it as the prince to Bitcoin’s kingship. I decided to start with Rarible because it’s open to all artists. Eventually of course I’m gonna try getting into, or even creating my own gallery for Web3.0 (when I eventually figure that out.)

“Face1” Available now on Rarible

NFT’s have been the buzz in the crypto-art world as of late. Since this is still kinda in its infancy, there are a few things that are concerning after minting my first artwork. One particular drawback of this whole ecosystem are the Ethereum Gas fees. As of this writing, it costs almost $100 to mint a single artwork.

“Faces” now available on Rarible

Hopefully when Eth2.0 rolls out, this would be well calculated into a more “fair” price. It’s always a big gamble to get into something new – but isn’t that what crypto is all about? Ask me 8yrs ago when I started buying my first Bitcoin what price it could reach by 2020 and I might have told you it would only go as far as $10,000. Welp, its now 2021 and Elon Musk – the master of FOMO – just boosted it up to $45K as I write this article.

Check out my first NFT’s on Rarible! Follow me for more NFT drops in the near future!


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